Dawn of Man: Trainer +6 v0.4.0 {MrAntiFun}
[ Download (586.4 Kb) ]09.01.2019, 11:20


F1 - Inf.Stats

F2 - Inf.Knowledge

F3 - Inf.Bank Resources

F4 - Inf.Selected Mineable Resources

F5 - Inf.Houses Condition

F6 - Free Trade


First go into game and select one of your workers then activate Stats, Knowledge and Houses Condition Cheats

First select a river bank then activate Bank Resources cheat " For Fish and Mud"

First select Rocks or any collection of mineable resources then activate Mineable resources cheat

First you have to wait for a trader to arrive and open trade window then add something from Trader inventory to the trade then activate Free trade cheat and you should be able to take everything he has without giving anything back

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