Sid Meier's Civilization 6: Trainer +12 v1.0.0.290 + Rise And Fall {MrAntiFun}
17.02.2019, 13:13

Trainer options
F1 - Activate Trainer
F2 - Infinite Gold
F3 - Infinite Faith
F4 - Infinite Envoys 
F5 - God Mode
F6 - Infinite Movement 
F7 - Fast Research
F8 - Fast Culture 
F9 - Fast Recruiting
F10 - Fast Construction
F11 - Fast Project
F12 - Infinite Nuclear Weapons
Numpad 0 - Population Minimum 10
[x] - Set Money
[x] - Set Faith
[x] - Set Envoys

Start game first then open the trainer.
Must activate trainer and cheats once you start playing, The game unload then reload the main library which causes the cheats to stop working, It seems to only does that at main menu of the game but if the cheats stop working in game play, Deactivate cheats then deactivate trainer then re-activate all.
Click on Game Editor to use Set Money, Faith and Envoys, Then pass a turn right after you set the wanted resource to see the effect in game
Select a unit then activate Selected Unit 50 Movement cheat,Then move the unit a single step and that unit will have 50 movement, It doesnt work on units which already finished movement only on units which still can move.

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