Stellaris: Trainer +14 v2.2.1 {MrAntiFun}
[ Download (592.9 Kb) ]10.12.2018, 12:28

Trainer options
F1 - Activate Trainer
F2 - Infinite Energy Credits
F3 - Infinite Minerals
F4 - Infinite Food
F5 - Infinite Influence
F6 - Infinite Unity
F7 - Infinite Alloys
F8 - Infinite Goods
F9 - Fast Construction / Recruiting
F10 - Fast Station Construction
F11 - Fast Research
F12 - Infinite Naval Capacity
Numpad 0 - Freeze Day
Numpad 1 - Add 100 Health

  • You must have Physics, Society and Engineering research points for the fast research cheat to work .
  • For god mode to work you must have at least 1 of the 6 ships you start the game with.
  • God mode cheat was replaced with Add 100 Health, The way the Add health work is that you hover over your ship unit in a fight to show how much health the unit has left then press the hotkey to activate the add health cheat and that unit will get a 100 health added.
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