The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim - All DLCs Clean Saved Game
28.02.2016, 17:57

Skyrim V.

The game is saved after having gone through the tutorial introductions in the beginning. It starts right after leaving the Helgen Keep cave to Skyrim.

Character Status:
Level: 1
Race: Nord

Change your race:
Do you want to change your gender/race/look? If so, it's simple.        
Open your console by pressing the 'tilde key' beside the number 1 button on the keyboard.  
After having pressed on the button.
Type: showracemenu and you will be able to change your character.

Manual Installation:
1. Extract the *.rar file to any location on your computer.
2. Open the folder that was extracted.                            
3. Right click the *.ess file, then click copy.                     
4. Go to C: Drive \ Users \ "Your Computer Name" \ Documents \ My Games \ Skyrim \ Saves
5. In the saves folder. Right click and paste.                     
6. You will see the *.ess file you copied previously showing up in the saves folder.
7. Done, enjoy the game.   

Author: GamerUK01 

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