Galactic Civilizations 3: Cheat-Mode [1.2]
16.08.2015, 10:27

When you create a new race, all or some of the bonuses can be free to choose for her.
Increased capacity of the equipment for Tiny, Small, Medium, Cargo buildings by about 20% from the original.
Increased bonuses from Colony Capital 3 times, it now makes sense to build around him.
Now one Design module can build 2 buildings and has 80 points to improve for space base.

Installation - unzip the file in c: \ Users \ Jack \ Documents \ My Games \ GalCiv3 \ Mods \ ExampleMod \ Game \

In settings specify "Enable mode". Need a new game!

Also, for those who do not know, the game has a cheat commands that are entered through the console, which can be enabled by writing to the shortcut properties through cheat gap.

For example: Object "D: \ Galactic Civilizations III \ GalCiv3.exe" cheat

(Tilde console runs - `):

modcredits value - adds the specified number of money.
modpop value - added population at that planet.
help - displays all available commands.

Author: jetjack

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