Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V): Cheat-Mode (Menyoo PC [SP] v0.999869b)
15.07.2016, 19:49

To install:
Copy files from archive into the game folder

Controll (the clave):
F8 - open the cheat menu
Backspace - Back
Enter - Choice
UpArrow - Top
DownArrow - Down
LeftArrow - Left
RightArrow - Right

On your controller:
RB + Left - Open the cheat menu
B / Circle - Back
A / X - Selection
DPAD Up - Top
DPAD Down - Down
DPAD Left - Left
DPAD Right - Right

Ped and vehicle hashes are now stored in an XML file. Vehicle hashes are also read from memory (for future updates).
The FreeCam help box has been replaced with an alternative 6 second help box.
Added option to freeze radio stations.
Added CunningStunts DLC vehicles, props, (a lot of) tattoos, etc.
The X and Z keys on the keyboard can now be used to adjust the height of the SpoonerMode camera and move objects vertically.
Bugfix->Copying a Spooner Entity would add 2 instances of the copied entity to the database.

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