Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V): Table for Cheat Engine (100k per 10-15 seconds | Give money)
18.06.2016, 18:26

What can you do with this?
You can give 100k to your friends
You can teleport
You can get 100k every 10-15 seconds if you tp to the finish line


How to use?

Install Cheat Engine and open the .ct table
Click on the "computer" icon and select gta5.exe
Press F7 to open the "hack"
Press F8 to accept the warning
Press F6 to change the impromptu race pot to $100k
Start the race

If you are the one receiving the money just create a waypoint to the finish line
If you are giving money to your friend, just tell him to register as a vip/ceo and create a waypoint to the finish line
If your friend can't register as a ceo/vip just let him win the race

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